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Location: İstanbul

Work Model: Hybrid

What You’ll be Doing

  • Will read and evaluate the incoming stories, analyze the content, fluency and structural integrity of the stories.

  • Will correct grammatical, spelling and spelling errors in stories, enrich and organize the narrative.

  • It examines elements of stories such as character development, plot, dialogues and atmosphere and makes necessary adjustments to provide a more immersive story experience.

  • It will provide creative feedback, provide guiding advice to story writers and support their development.

  • It will manage the content calendar and organize the stories according to deadlines.

  • Collaborating will keep in touch with authors, editors and other stakeholders, coordinate projects and support teamwork.

What You'll Bring


  • Have strong storytelling and editing skills.

  • To master grammar, spelling and spelling rules.

  • To have a careful and detail-oriented working style.

  • To have critical thinking and analytical abilities.

  • Having advanced time management skills and sticking to deadlines.

  • To have strong communication skills and to have the ability to cooperate in a team.

  • Have an interest in story writing and literature.

  • Previous experience as story editor or in a similar role is preferred.

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