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Welcome to the new era of interactive games. We're breaking the old rules and doing what we do best with our sparkly hammers.

We shape!


We are the creators of your passionate games. As a passionate and talented team, we are driven by the mission of creating a structure where users can unleash their imaginations, their decisions can influence stories and have immersive experiences.

​ ​

Every member of our team believes in the power and impact of dedication. We are a multidisciplinary team of experienced writers, game designers, developers and creative thinkers. We come together, combine our diverse talents and create unique and attractive games.

​ ​

Each of us is at his own anvil and swinging the hammer to do what he does best.

Get ready to journey with us to unique experiences and great achievements in the fascinating world of games.

Our Equipment

Anvil of Devotion

We keep our commitment to the magical world of interactive stories at the highest level. We work passionately to deliver the best story experience in every step, every choice and every detail. We are creative, we work, and we push the boundaries of interactive stories. We are aware of the power we have. Our commitment reflects the shared passion that brings us together in every story.

Hammer of Creativity

Creativity is central to our DNA. Each story is filled with its own unique world, characters and events. We offer creative stories that will spark your imagination, transport you to different fictional universes and take you beyond the ordinary. As a team, we aim to offer you a unique story experience with ideas that push the boundaries, innovative approaches and impressive visual and textual content.

Flame of Passion

Our passion reflects our eternal belief in the power of stories. Our passion is the driving force that adds color to every story, creates an emotional connection and requires us to treat every detail with care. We work passionately to bring you the best, maintain our high standards and bring our stories to life. Each story makes you feel and share the passion it contains.

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